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Red skin, flushing, pimples, and visible facial blood vessels are common characteristics associated with Rosacea, an inflammatory skin condition that can occur to both men and women between the ages of 30 to 50.

Even though genetic heritage is the main factor that causes this condition, several external factors can trigger it as well, like sun exposure, stress, heat, alcohol intake, caffeine and spicy foods. Avoiding these factor can be extremely helpful when dealing with it.


Which treatment is right for me?

Your dermatologist can give you a customized skin care treatment. In addition to that, you can undergo several procedures that can help minimize the effects of this condition. Here at Juventus Cosmetic Surgery, we offer a variety of treatments:

Chemical Peels
Laser Treatments


Although rosacea has no cure, you can take proper care of it to reduce its effects on your skin:

-Avoid spicy food
-Reduce alcohol intake
-Stay away from skin care products that contain alcohol or menthols
-Don’t use astringents, scrubs or exfoliants
-Choose lukewarm water over hot water
-Use sunblock on a daily basis, and stay out of the sun as long as you can.

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What’s Next?

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