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Post-Surgical Massages

Going through a surgery, cosmetic or not, can put your body into a lot of stress, preventing it from properly heal. That’s one of the reasons why many doctors recommend their patients to go through several sessions of lymphatic drainage massages.


What are the benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage?

-Stimulates the immune system
-Relieves pain
-Reduces swelling
-Promotes skin regeneration
-Counters insomnia and stress.

Post-Surgical benefits

As lymphatic drainage massages promote tissue regeneration, many doctors recommend them to help the healing and scarring process. Another benefit of these massages is that they can prevent and alleviate edema or swelling, making less painful and propense to infection the healing process.

Depending on what your surgeon considers convenient, you could start the treatment as soon as 24 hours after surgery.

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