Abdominal Etching

Every one of us has a six-pack, however sometimes it is just hidden underneath layers of skin and fat. This problem is particularly prominent in men. Have you always wanted six-pack abs? Abdominal etching makes it possible!

Also known as liposculpting, this procedure is like liposuction – but better. Liposculpting helps get rid of the excess fat that may exist around your abdominal muscles. This surgery will create the indents in your stomach that are similar to those marks on a six-pack of abs. Post-surgery your stomach can look tighter, more muscular, more firm and more athletic than ever before. Liposuction alone can remove fat, but is not nearly as detailed as abdominal etching.

Are You The Right Candidate for Abdominal Etching?

If you would like a six-pack, consider these few things that would make you a great candidate:

  • You are physically fit
  • You consistently exercise
  • You are naturally athletic-lookingc
  • Your body fat is under 18 percent
  • You have not seen adequate results from crunches
  • You are looking for one final transformation from major weight loss

In addition to all of these attributes, you can also have your candidacy confirmed through a consultation with one of our surgeons. During this meeting, our surgeon will be able to assess your health, body and expectations to see if they are in line with this procedure. Board-certified cosmetic surgeons know exactly what it takes to need and heal from this surgery.

During your consultation you will be encouraged to discuss your desired outcome. Being on the same page as your surgeon is key to receiving the results you want. It will be determined whether abdominal etching is the right surgery for you, or if you are more fit for an alternative procedure. Once a direction is decided on between you and the surgeon, you will be given detailed pre and post surgery instructions and information.

The Procedure: What To Expect

Believe it or not, the abdominal etching surgery can be completed in as little as one hour. It is completed right at the doctor’s office or at an outpatient facility. General anesthesia can be used or a less impactful anesthesia can be used, which would allow you to be awake but not completely aware that surgery is taking place.

During the surgery you may be asked by the surgeon to contract your stomach muscles. Doing this will allow the surgeon to mark where indentations should be created for a naturally looking six-pack.

An incision will be made through your belly button or in natural creases that already exist in your abdomen. More incisions may have to be made in the same areas to execute the procedure fully. Through each incision, the surgeon will insert a tube that will eliminate excess fat. This device, called a cannula, is also used to sculpt the body and create groves in the stomach. These grooves are created to enhance the muscular tone and appearance of a six-pack.

Abdominal Etching Recovery

Swelling, bruising and minor pain should all be expected after the completion of abdominal etching surgery. Over-the-counter medication can be used to control all of these effects. In addition, your surgeon will provide you with a compression piece that helps reduce swelling. You will wear this for between three and six weeks. You can return to normal activities within three weeks of a completed procedure.

Initial Consultation

Our surgeons would love to meet with you and discuss what abdominal etching could do for you. Call or email us directly to set up a free initial consultation to discuss what we have to offer and have abdominal etching can change your life.