Male Breast Lipo

Male Breast Lipo

Male Breast Reduction Surgery, (Gynecomastectomy), is a common procedure for men who wish to remove any excess of unwanted chest fat. This uncomplicated procedure involves the use of liposuction to remove excess fat tissue and to restore loose skin for the appearance of a smooth, flat chest.

In the United States many men breast reduction surgery procedures are performed each day with the objective of improving appearance.

This procedure is a quick, safe and effective solution for men who want to get rid of excess fat in their chest area or have excess skin after a rapid weight loss.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia has many common names, such as ‘man boobs’, or ‘male breasts’. It is medical condition whereby a man develops abnormal mammary gland or fatty breast tissue. This gives a feminine appearance which makes it socially embarrassing and sometimes can be tender and uncomfortable.

The causes of gynecomastia are varied and it can appears at any time, but more often during puberty. It is caused by an imbalance of activity between androgen and estrogen hormones – estrogens stimulate breast tissue growth while androgens inhibit it. Gynecomastia cannot be improved by exercise or diet, which is why many men turn to permanent surgery.

What does Male Breast Surgery consist of?

Your surgeon at Juventus Cosmetic Clinic will discuss the issues with you and guide you through every step of the procedure so you will know exactly what to expect.

The procedure is conducted under general anesthetic, so you’ll be asleep and will not feel anything. Usually it is preferable to stay overnight in The Clinic.
Your surgeon at Juventus Cosmetic Clinic will discuss the most appropriate procedure for you, but most commonly a small incision is made around the lower part of the nipple for the excess fat and glandular tissue to be removed.

The removal is made via a surgical excision combined with liposuction such as Vaser which is a fast procedure to liquefy fat and gently suck out fat and glandular tissue. If the breasts are very large, the skin may have stretched and the nipple may need to be repositioned to obtain a natural pleasant appearance.

Is a male Breast Reduction Permanent?

The breast tissue does not grow back and fat cannot be deposited as the fat cells will have been removed. This permanent solution is relatively simple and give you back your look and confidence.

How long does it take to recover from Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

You can generally expect to return to work one week after the surgery but your surgeon at Juventus Cosmetic Clinic will confirm when you are ready depending on the estate of your healing process You should avoid heavy lifting for several weeks, and not to practice any sport or strenuous activity for one month.

As with most surgery, you should expect some bruising and swelling. Therefore it can take a few weeks to fully admire the results. It is recommended that you wear a compression vest day and night for at least three weeks to minimize bruising and swelling and to ensure the skin conforms to the new shape.

Will I have Scars?

As the procedure involves very minute incisions, the scarring will be minimal and will be concealed in the natural contours of the chest. In time any scarring will fade to natural skin tone but you can further improve the appearance by using Bio-oil, vitamin E oil or a similar moisturizing product.

What to expect at the Juventus Cosmetic Center

The Juventus Cosmetic Center is one of the best facilities for male Breast Reduction Surgery in South Florida. Our commitment to our clients’ wellbeing is underpinned by open communication between patient and breast reduction experienced surgeons, employment of the most advanced state-of-the-art techniques and a focus on ensuring patient comfort and satisfaction at all times.

From the minute you walk into our Clinics, our breast reduction specialists surgeons will be happy to sit down with you, evaluate your individual case on its own terms, and explain everything you need to know about the procedure before making your decision. Only then will they recommend a treatment that they believe will be the best to achieve your desired results.

On the day of your surgery, you can be confident that you will be in the best possible hands. With a track record of excellence and a wealth of experience, our expert cosmetic surgeon and medical staff will make sure that your experience is as smooth and comfortable as possible during your time with us.

After your treatment, our nursing staff will be on call 24/7 to attend to your every need as you start your recovery. We believe that recovery time at home with family and friends will significantly helps the healing process.

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