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Lips Contouring Lines

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure in with color pigment is implanted deep into the skin for aesthetic purposes to enhance, contour and outline facial features.

Also, it can be an excellent option to camouflage and conceal scars, burns and skin pigmentation conditions, as well as correct facial irregularities.

When applied to the lips, it can enhance the natural glow of the lips, change their color, provide a voluminous appearance, correct any uneven contour, and create the illusion of a smoother shape.



-The healing process takes about 10 days, so plan ahead any special event like weddings, photo shoots, etc.
-You should wait at least 6 weeks before applying any filler o botox to the treated area.
-Avoid sun exposure and tanning before the procedure.
-Stop taking Retin-A or Retinol 7 days before the procedure, a 30 days after.
-Don’t scrub or pick your lips, as you may remove the pigment recently added.
-Don’t apply makeup until your lips are fully healed.

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