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Between all the therapies available, facials are one of the most commonly requested by clients.

Facials are a method that improves the tone and texture of your skin, as well as increase blood flow and promote cell growth.

Nowadays there are a wide variety of facials, each with different characteristics and results. Depending on your particular situation and goals, your aesthetician will recommend what kind of facial you should get so you can reach your desired result.

Some of the most common facials you can find:

Oxygen facial

This facial is meant to treat wrinkles, improve circulation and smooth tight skin. The aesthetician will use a mix of essential oils, purified oxygen and mild acids in your face.

Collagen Facial

If you feel your skin is dry, tight or sallow, then this could be a good option. A collagen facial will hydrate your skin by applying pure plant collagen to your face and neck.

Deep sea Facial

Keeping your pores clean and your skin firm could be achieved with a deep sea facial, as it uses deep sea mineral and enzymes to detoxify your skin.

Vitamin c facial

A Vitamin C facial will restore your skin texture and firmness, also, it will improve your skin tone. This type of mask is believed to have antioxidants qualities that provide a youthful, radiant appearance to your skin.

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