Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty is one of the five most popular cosmetic surgeries completed in the United States each year. Also known as nose surgery, this procedure is a cosmetic solution when clients are unhappy with how their nose looks or fits their face. Due to prominence of the nose, by altering its size or shape, there can be a significant impact on how a person looks. Nose surgery can enhance the balance of facial features and help increase self esteem and confidence.

What is Nose Surgery?

The procedure of nose surgery modifies the shape and size of the nose. A majority of the nose surgeries completed are for aesthetic reasons however they can also be done to solve breathing problems.

Nose surgery can be completed in one of two ways. Open nose surgery requires an incision in between the nostrils while closed nose surgery all incisions are made from within one or both of the nostrils. Underneath the skin of your nose, the surgeon can sculpt cartilage and bone to achieve the look you want. Most nose surgeries can be performed in one to two hours as an outpatient procedure.


Q: Ideal Candidates for Nose Surgery

As a mainly cosmetic surgery, most candidates are unhappy with the current appearance of their home. However, if you have discomfort or breathing problems, nose surgery can also help. The ideal candidates for nose surgery are those that:

  • Are in good general health.
  • Have realistic expectations of results.
  • Feel their nose is too small or too large to other facial features.
  • Have a bump on the bridge of their nose.
  • Don’t like the width or tip of their nose.
  • Have nostrils that are too flared or too pinched.
  • Suffer from a crooked or off-center nose.
  • Have an asymmetrical nose due to injury.
Q: Common Goals of Nose Surgery:
  • Making the bridge of the nose more narrow
  • Narrowing or widening the nostrils
  • Straightening out a cooked nose
  • Reshaping the tip of the nose
  • Changing the angle between the upper lip and nose



Q: Benefits of Nose Surgery

There are a lot of benefits that can come along with nose surgery. Perhaps the most important benefit is that this procedure can alter your appearance, making you more confident and content. Feeling better about your overall appearance can benefit every aspect of your life. Facial symmetry is another benefit as surgery can create symmetry in your face. The shape of your nose can also be improved making it look more balanced within the face. In addition, changing the size of your nose can make it more proportionate to other facial features.

Nose surgery can also be used for non-cosmetic problems. Two functional benefits of nose surgery include correcting birth defects as well as improving breathing difficulties. If this procedure is done in relation to a health issue, the cost could be covered by your health insurance.



Q: Potential Risks

Like any type of surgery, there are risks involved with a nose surgery. This including but are not limited to:

  • Bleeding of the nose
  • Infection
  • Reactions to medication or anesthesia
  • Bursting of blood vessels
Q: Primary Nose Surgery vs. Revision Nose Surgery

Primary nose surgery is the very first procedure a client has on their nose. Revision surgery is a secondary surgery done when a client is not happy with the results from their first procedure. Also, if a client completes nose surgery but then injures their nose, they may require a secondary procedure.

What You Need to Know about Revision Nose Surgery

Revision nose surgery is most commonly completed to help clients finally obtain the appearance they want. This surgery has the same risks as an initial procedure. To have success with a secondary nose surgery it is crucial to go through all of your wants, needs and expectations with the surgeon prior to the procedure.



Q: Expected Results

Due to the nose being such a crucial part of the face, nose surgery can drastically change your appearance. In more detail, clients can expect results like:

  • A enhanced balance of facial features
  • Removal of bumps or unevenness
  • Reduced size of the nose

To achieve the results you want it is imperative to be open and honest with your surgeon. During your consultations, explain what you want and how you expect to receive that result. Your surgeon will be able to explain the procedure as well as the outcomes that are obtainable. Discussing your goals will ensure you and the surgeon are on the same page and that surgery can be a success.

If you have been considering nose surgery, contact us today. An initial consultation can help provide you with the knowledge about the procedure to make a decision about moving forward. You don’t have to be unhappy with your appearance. Let our team of dedicated surgeons help you become happier, healthier and more confident overall.

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