Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Women who have developed very large breasts can often feel uncomfortable instead of sexy and attractive. When the breasts begin to cause physical pain or negatively impact body image, breast reduction surgery can help.

Women that have very large breasts, not proportionate to their frame, often experience the following problems:

  • Bra straps are uncomfortable and cause bruises
  • Not happy with their appearance or how clothes fit
  • Ongoing pain in between shoulder blades
  • Breasts tend to feel uncomfortably heavy
  • Moving up, down or around is difficult
  • Air does not circulate below the breasts which can cause soreness or a rash
  • Skin underneath the breasts is vulnerable to infections
  • Breasts develop fine veins or stretch marks

The Juventus Cosmetic Clinic can provide an extensive consultation for you if you are considering breast reduction. Our skilled surgeons will examine your breasts and determine your need for a breast reduction. Surgeons will also make sure that your overall health is good enough to handle and recover from this type of cosmetic surgery. Any current illnesses, allergies or family diseases will be taken into consideration.

Please note that if you are currently a smoker, you will need to stop smoking at least six weeks before the surgery. You will also be advised not to start smoking again for a few weeks after surgery has been completed. Also, patients under the age of 19 are required to wait until their breasts are fully developed to be considered for breast reduction procedures.


Q: Details of Breast Reduction Surgery

This type of procedure is much more intensive than other types of breast surgeries. In fact, you will likely need to stay at the clinic overnight, or for two nights to make sure everything is healing properly. Under the supervision of clinic staff and surgeons, there is a reduced risk of complications, improperly healed incisions or other problems.

During the procedure, the surgeon will cut the area around the breast’s areola. Through that incision, the surgeon will cut vertically down and below each breast. While inside the skin of the breast, excessive fat and skin will be removed. The areola and nipple will be readjusted to a more natural position. Liposuction is also used to remove unwanted skin or fat.

Q: Surgery Recovery

To properly and completely recover from breast reduction surgery, it may take between 3 and 4 weeks. Initially you will experience sore feelings but staff at the clinic can aid in paid relief. When returning home, it is recommended to have over-the-counter painkillers.

In the following weeks, bruises will go away and swelling will decrease. Carefully, you can return to activities of every day life. However, it is crucial not to exert your chest, breasts or back. It takes around six months to see a final shape of the breasts once they have healed and settled. Scars will also fade during these initial six months.


Q: Common Questions

As we can anticipate you have more questions, here are a few answers to the move frequently asked questions by our patients. You can return to work about one full week after surgery. Avoid raising your arms or lifting heavy objects. You can also have sex pretty quickly after surgery as long as you are healing correctly. In addition, there is very little risk to losing nipple sensation due to breast reduction surgery. You can discuss any and all of your concerns with your surgeon before surgery is scheduled or performed.

Q: Breast Reduction Surgery Results

Patients of the Juventus Cosmetic Surgery Center can expect a reduced sized breast after surgery has been completed. The procedure will also enhance the shape of your breasts and lift them for a more appealing appearance. This type of surgery can also be the solution to problems like back problems, soreness of the shoulders as well as pain do to large breasts.




Q: Getting Started
If you are considering a breast reduction surgery, please contact us today. There are a lot of additional surgery options as well if you aren’t sure whether you need a reduction, lift of other type of augmentation. Between yourself and the surgeon, the best option will be determined. As experienced surgeons, our team can answer any question you have and address concerns during each step in the consultation and surgery processes. Call or email today to set up your first appointment whether you are just exploring this option or have already made up your mind.

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