Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

Out of every eight women in America, one will be affected by breast cancer. No matter your age or ethnicity, breast cancer is a scary thought. If you feel a lump in one of your breasts or have a concerning mammogram appointment, visit your general physician as soon as possible.

Our team of staff and surgeons at Juventus Cosmetic Clinic specialize in breast reconstruction. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, we can begin to help you right away whether you are considering total or partial removal of the breast tissue or, as it’s also known, a mastectomy.

Breast reconstruction is a choice that only you can make. While some women opt to have tis surgery right away, others choose to wait or forego it all together. The benefit of reconstruction surgery is that it can give the breasts back their natural shape after the cancerous cells have been removed.

Due to years of experience and the skill level of our surgeons, our patients can expect to receive reconstructed breasts that are very close in similarity to you natural chest. Surgeons work to create the identical size, shape and overall appearance.

Directly after the mastectomy has been completed, surgeons can begin the breast reconstruction. Implants or tissue expanders are also options to help improve the look and feel of the breasts.


Q: Making The Right Decision For You

There are a lot of decisions you will have to make if you are diagnosed with breast cancer. For example would you prefer to have a lumpectomy, where just the lump is removed or mastectomy?

Our team of surgeons can help you make the best decision. Factors to consider when deciding which route you want to take should include:

  • The aggressiveness of the cancer
  • The status and health of lymph nodes
  • Status of BRCA
  • Breast size before surgery
  • Overall general health

If you do choose to have a mastectomy, you can also decide whether or not you would like breast reconstruction surgery.

Q: Two Types of Surgery

There are two different variations of breast reconstruction surgery, tissue expander and autologous reconstruction.

Tissue expander re-stretches the skin around the breast. This expander, which is placed underneath the pectoral muscle, is inflated over time. This is a painless procedure. As the expander grows, the skin will slowly stretch out. This way, the implant can be inserted without any problem.

Autologous reconstruction is the umbrella term for both the TRAM flap and latissimus flap. The TRAM flap takes advantage of your own tissue, using skin from your tummy to fill the breasts and reconstruct each one. This surgery allows you to lose unwanted tummy fat or skin while also getting better, fuller breasts.

The latissimus flap procedure is much like the TRAM flap surgery. However, instead of using tummy fat and skin, muscle is taken from the back. This style of surgery is used commonly when patients are underweight and don’t have excess skin or fat around their stomachs.

Q: Additional Symmetry

If you are concerned about the symmetry of your breasts after reconstruction, additional procedures can be done. Surgeries like breast lifts or enlargements can help line up the nipples and keep both breasts looking similar. In addition, the nipple and areola can be reconstructed to your liking.





Q: Next Steps
If you are unhappy with your hair, hairline or hair growth, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We have helped many clients gain back their youth and self-confidence through one of our hair transplant surgeries. A consultant is the first step in this direction, let one of our surgeon work with you to find the right solution for your life and your body.

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