Breast Implant Revision

If you have already had a breast augmentation, you may be here because you are unhappy. While breast augmentation surgery is one of the most common cosmetic procedures, many patients also undergo a revision in the future. There are about five reasons why patients come to us for a breast revision. No matter why you may be unhappy with your implants, we can help.

Upon your initial consultation with one of our surgeons, they will go over what you like and what you dislike about your breasts. Depending on what the problems or concerns are, they will explain all the solutions available. As you communicate with your surgeon, you will be able to go over your concerns and expected results. We realize that undergoing surgery again can be stressful and frustrating but we are here to only help you.

It is crucial however to understand that your expected or wanted results for the breast revision surgery could not be attainable. There could be conditions due to past surgery or your body that would make you unable to receive the procedure. This will be addressed at your consultation.

Here are the five different types of breast implant revision surgeries currently available through the Juventus Cosmetic Surgery Center:

Capsular Contracture

Over time scar tissue can form around the breast implant. These are hard masses that are often very uncomfortable. While this is a very unpleasant result of surgery, it can be fixed. Surgeons can remove the scar tissue within the breast. This would relieve patients of the pain, discomfort and worry.

Please note that breast implants placed above the pectoral muscle have a higher risk of capsular contracture. Placement of the breast implant below this muscle has a lower risk.

Lower Displacement

Due to time, gravity and aging breast implants can become lower. Sometimes the breast implants can sink below the fold of the breast. While this is not a health issue, it can be uncomfortable and look very unnatural.

Patients with the problem should be relieved to know that by putting sutures around the implant, this problem can be solved. The sutures re-elevate the breast implant to where it belongs. This natural look also comes along with increased cleavage and a fuller looking breast.

Lateral Displacement

When breast implants are displaced laterally they look as though they sink into the armpit. This can be uncomfortable and awkward for the patient. Sutures can also be used to solve this problem. Lateral sutures prevent the implant from spreading and moving around within the breast. This revision will allow your implants to look new again, even increasing your cleavage.

Ruptured Implant

There are many ways that a breast implant can rupture. However, the most common way is that the implant folds itself within the breast. Repeated folding of the implant causes the shell to delaminate and weaken. After some amount of time at the folding point, the implant will rupture.

Ruptured implants should be replaced as soon as possible. The longer a ruptured implant goes without being removed or replaced, the more risk there is for scarring. Scar tissue makes any future surgery more difficult, risky and time consuming.

Volume Change

The last time of implant revision is when a patient wants a volume change. This is a very common request. Many patients post-surgery find that their implants are either too big or too small and would like an adjustment.

Our surgeons will consider your body as well as the adjustment you would like to determine whether it is feasible. Removal of implants is also considered a volume change. However, having your implants removed may require a breast lift after the fact to return the breasts to a natural looking state.