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There are many different reasons why patients come to Juventus Cosmetic Surgery for their breast revision procedure. One of the many reasons can be capsular contracture, lower displacement, implant rupture, lateral displacement, or just a desire for increase or decrease in size of their breasts. Without considering the reason or need of your breast revision surgery, we must keep in mind that the original surgery and recovery could have determined the severity of the problem. Only a consultation with a specialized cosmetic surgeon can your condition be properly addressed.

At Juventus Cosmetic Surgery we keep a record all of the things our patients like about their breasts, and all the things they would like to change. This records serves as a preliminary guide during your consultation, and ultimately, for determining the need and/or emergency of a breast implant revision. This consultation improves the communication between you and your cosmetic surgeon and results in realistic expectations with regard to the breast implant revision. It is important for you to understand and accept that some goals for your breast implant revision procedure may not be attainable because anatomic or previous surgery conditions. After this pre-surgery consultation you and your cosmetic surgeon will face the agreed upon breast implant revision with a clear and realistic plan for the desired result.

Capsular Contracture

One important reason for the breast implant revision can be the development of capsular contracture. Capsular contracture is form by scar tissue around the implant which over time can become hard and painful.

This has been one of the most frustrating after surgery unpleasant developments of breast augmentation surgery, for both the patient and their surgeon. The placement of implants above the pectoral muscle frequently carry a high capsular contracture rate, while the placement below the pectoral muscle carry lower rates.

In many cases, the release or the removal of the scar tissue may need to be performed. In recurrent contracture patients, we at Juventus Cosmetic Surgery have been getting excellent results through the use of dermal matrices, both human and porcine, and are particularly excited about this newfound procedure to treat this complex problem.

Lower Displacement of Implants

Your breast implants, like everything else, are not immune to the action of gravity. Your implants can lower the breast fold, leading to a bottomed-out appearance of your breasts. Not wearing a supportive brassier frequently can, over time, worsen the lower displacement of the implant. This is a repairable condition by placing sutures into the breast capsule surrounding the implant, thereby elevating the fold and re-elevating the implant to its normal position. Also quite often this will improve your cleavage and help to reshape your breast.

Lateral Displacement of Implants

The lateral displacement of implants can be avoided by a careful pocket dissection at the time of the primary breast augmentation surgery. The implant that “disappears into your armpit when you lay down” can be very effectively treated with lateral sutures (capsulorrhaphy). These specialized sutures recreates the lateral demarcation of the breast, preventing lateral spread apart of the implants and giving better inner cleavage. At Juventus Cosmetic Surgery we have achieved long lasting good results with this procedure.

Implant Rupture

Although the newest generation of silicone and saline breast implants from Allergan and Mentor are quite strong and enjoy a low rupture rate, it is still a relatively frequent problem seen in our Clinic. The most common reason, among many different reasons, for rupture of the implant , is a fold-flaw. The implant repeatedly folds on itself, causing a shell delamination and weakness at the fold point, which leads to rupture of the implant. If you do suffer a ruptured of your implant, we recommend you have this implant replaced as soon as possible in order to reduce the amount of scar tissue or contracture that can occur. A large amount of scar tissue that forms in this cases can make the removal and replacement of the implant more difficult, leading to a harder surgery to recreate an esthetically looking shape.

Volume Change

A desire to change their implant volume is one of the most common reasons why patients come to Juventus Cosmetic Surgery for an evaluation. Perhaps the size originally chosen was too small, and you now desire a larger size. This is the most common request from patients seeking a volume change. Our specialized cosmetic surgeon will take into consideration your body size and shape, and help you choose the appropriate implants to achieve the look that you like. This may also be an opportunity, if you so desire, to change your implant type to a more solid, yet of natural consistency and shape, most often from saline type to the next generation of silicone cohesive gel implants.

The opposite can frequently also be true, where there is a desire to change the implants to a smaller size. This often happens accompanied by changes in lifestyle or age, when the implants no longer fit with the body image a woman would like to project. There may be secondary issues generated by the downsizing of implants, like skin looseness, and/or a need to internally tighten the pocket or capsule surrounding the implant to better fit the smaller implant.

Ultimately, if the implants are removed, you may or may not require a breast lift to restore the appearance of the breasts and looseness of the skin. This depends on individualized considerations like the size of the previous implants, texture and quality of your skin, and the amount of breast tissue that you had prior to the placement of the implants.

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